How Compression Sleeves Work
New technology in workout apparel has increased the effectiveness of our workouts in recent years. Made popular by many professional athletes, compression sleeves are a trendy addition to your gear, but will they truly boost your workout? Read on to learn how these tight-fitting garments may help you excel at the gym. Our muscles perform better when they get increased oxygen and blood flow to their tissue, and that's the biggest benefit of wearing compression sleeves, as well as the major reason they've been used by medical professionals for years to promote faster healing. Increased oxygen and blood flow means increased muscle-building energy and, because compression sleeves are made of thin materials like lycra or spandex, they accomplish this without restricting muscle movement or your range of motion. You may very well feel an extra boost of energy and stamina during a workout session utilizing this compression technology. In addition to their muscle-building components, compression sleeves also provide a small amount of added warmth to your limbs as you exercise, meaning that muscles will warm up faster and stay looser as you exercise. This is important in minimizing the amount of muscle soreness you'll experience post-workout, and it can also decrease your chance of a muscle strain or injury. This is especially important if you work out outdoors in a colder climate, but the warmth of compression sleeves can subtly impact your workout at the gym, too, especially if you tend to suffer from arthritis or sore joints. Finally, compression sleeves can be a helpful aid in recovering from an injury. They help to reduce swelling while also providing increased support to the injured area. If you're prone to a certain type of injury, such as shin splints, compression garments also help to decrease the probability of a future injury due to the increased support and circulation they provide. While you can't expect to see extreme differences in a workout utilizing compression sleeves, they do assist in subtle, helpful ways that can help you gain strength and endurance over time. Try one in your next workout to determine whether a compression garment may be right for you.
  • Feb 25, 2020
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